Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Thomas Kids Update

As you can imagine with all the impending changes, we have been a flurry of activity over the last week. However, as crazy as it is to prepare for a move, life goes on. The kids have had lots of end of the year school functions. Sam graduates from Kindergarten this Friday. I'll post some pictures...if I can stop my eyes leaking long enough to take some.

Here's what our kids have been up to recently-

Maddie's teacher had the students in her class partner with someone and write a presentation which was to include powerpoint. Maddie and Hannah did theirs on tornadoes. They presented it in the media center and invited the parents. It was really a cool thing!

Ella also had a class project she's been working on. Her teacher assigned each of them an important Tennessean to research. They brought it all together this week by having a program called "Tennessee Idol". The teacher had one of the students play Ryan Seacrest and they had judges and each student dressed as their character and told the audience why they should be named Tennessee Idol. Ella's character was a famous Native American Tennessean named Nancy Ward. Sheryl made her costume and Ella did a great job with her speech. I love that her school is having them do things like this!

Sam had an awesome opportunity recently to take a VIP tour at the Nashville ZOO thanks to his friend Jackson's mom, Kelly Beaman. (Beamans...remember the amazing Easter egg hunt and the dinosaur birthday party?) Sam got to see and touch some of the animals. It was a pretty awesome experience.

Sam and I also had a daddy day last Saturday and went hiking at Radnor Lake. It was cold but beautiful!

After hiking Sam wanted to rock out a little bit...he's really not losing circulation here (blue lips)! He had just finished a blue ring pop. :)

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Alyssa said...

So the question for your big move is....Wylie or Abilene ISD??? It's my own personal dilemma IF we ever moved back. And your kiddos are so darn cute - that Sam - cutie-patootie.