Sunday, May 15, 2011

ZOE Family

After 14+ years of ministry together, the ZOE singers are more like family than anything else. Together we have something that apart we could never know or accomplish. We've celebrated marriages and births, mourned losses, laughed until we were sick, and fought like we were siblings. I love these people. We love our ZOE kids too. Here are some recent updates on some of the ZOEs...

Welcome Owen Kate Mundie! We're excited for you, Justin and Carrie!

Justin with Owen Kate
Owen Kate
Two weeks ago, Anna Kate and Andrew Hensley were baptized at Otter Creek (Karin and Blake Hensley's twins). We all still remember when they were in the womb and Karin was H-U-G-E! We were recording one of our earlier CDs while Karin was pregnant with the twins. What a special day to be a part of. ZOE sang and we all cried as we listened to Anna Kate and Andrew talk about their faith and get baptized.
The ZOEs with Anna Kate and Andrew

Blake, Karin, Anna Kate and Andrew

Kevin, Amy, BST, Sheryl, Melissa, and Jason
This afternoon we had the McArthurs over for lunch after we all sang at Otter Creek. Jason and Alisha mean so much to us! We welcome Maddox McArthur to our ZOE family!

what a great pic of Jason and Maddox

Sheryl and Maddox

Ella loves Maddox too

Maddox is warming up his voice to steal the tenor ad-libs from his daddy.

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