Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Grammy Block Party 2011

Each year the Recording Academy shuts down part of Music Row and puts on a block party for the members of the Academy. It's a thank you to those of us in the Nashville chapter and an opportunity to hear some great live music and see friends.

It was serisouly steamy here last night...I think the humidity was about 345%. It was fun though. The bands were all really great. The Civil Wars were awesome. (How had I missed the fact that Joy Williams is the female singer in The Civil Wars??) Jason McArthur's new band at Provident, Royal Tailor, was great too. Tauren has an incredible voice and style. I enjoyed getting to know them.

Jeff Berry was also there with Centricity artist Brad Rempel from High Valley. High Valley has seen great success already in the country market. Brad is a great guy. It was fun seeing him again.

Here are some pics from last night...

Royal Tailor

Royal Tailor

JR, Blake Hubbard, Jason McArthur, Tauren Wells and me

Jeff Berry, Jordan Greiner, Brad Rempel and me

Jeff, Jason and me.

The Civil Wars

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