Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Viva Las Legas!

Stephen Bailey, Chris Doggett and Craig Fisher have been some of the best friends a guy could have. We're goin' on 22 years of friendship now. We all lived together at ACU on Westheimer and had more crazy experiences than we could ever recount.

There were several important fixtures in our house that have lived on. Craig's glass sculptured heads affectionately named "Glassy and Glossy". Those were passed down to Sam Souder (Craig's nephew and our good friend) who will graduate from ACU this May. Who knows where they'll end up after that. There was also a safari hat that was deemed "sick hat" (to be worn when ill). Then there was the blow up skeleton that we got one Halloween who was named "Boner". "Boner" sat on the couch in our living room for a long time. (Sorry. We were in college. What can I say?) There was the electric piano that played a pre-programmed song that we named "The Good Night Song". Craig had a special dance he made up that went along with it...and if it was an extra special occasion, Doggett would blow bubbles in the air behind him.

There were several other notable was Daisy. Daisy was Clint Fendley's dachshund. Daisy hated Stephen (and the feeling was mutual). She would go and poop or pee under Stephen's bed. We look back lovingly on Daisy.

Another was the shopping cart that lived on our front porch every now and then. I still have video of late night races down Westheimer in that shopping cart. I am holding it for ransom. ( know what I mean.)

It seems like just yesterday that we were sitting in our living room watching "Saved By The Bell". Over the years, we've married, had kids and shared life...the good and the bad. This year represents a big change for each of the 4 of us. The big 4-0. So, we're doing our "City Slickers" cattle drive...Vegas style.

Tomorrow I will fly to Vegas with Stephen, Chris and Craig where we will sit and laugh and talk about how old we are for several days. It is the best gift I could have gotten. I can't wait to be with those guys! If you have a chance, you might want to offer up a prayer for us. We might need it. :) Thank you to our wives for loving us enough to let us go away together for the weekend. It's going to be a blast!

Here are some pics through the years...

Siggie golf social circa 1989

ACU graduation 1992

ACU Homecoming 2007

Taken at Craig and Beth Ann Fisher's in 2007.


David said...

In the last two photos everyone is wearing the same shirt except you. Spooky!

julie said...

I know 3 of these 4 guys and I have incredible respect and love for the three that I know. I hope that you guys feel renewed and overflowing when you are returning home. I know that you will. Can't wait to hear stories from the weekend.