Saturday, April 17, 2010

Dean Martin and the Texas Tenors

There's a great internationally known festival up in Clarksville called "Rivers and Spires". It brings in thousands of visitors each year. As part of the festival, F&M Bank had a banquet called "Vino and Dino" (Dino...short for Dean Martin). I produced a show for them of a jazz trio and Travis Turpin as Dean Martin (and also Sammy Davis Jr and Frank Sinatra). Travis nailed it and the band led by Steve Kummer was incredible!

One fun serendipity of the night was that on the main stage down at the festival that night the Texas Tenors were singing. Two of them...Marcus and J.C. have worked for Gary Musick Productions and it was a great reunion. We all had dinner before the show and enjoyed catching up on life and hearing about their experience on "America's Got Talent". I enjoyed getting caught up on Marcus and his crazy life.

Marcus Collins, BST and Travis Turpin

Travis with the Texas Tenor guys

Travis has worked for us for many years. I got to teach one of his casts. He makes me laugh so hard every time I'm around him. He is now headlining on ships doing his own one man show. I hope to get to promote and book more of his shows for some of our corporate clients. He does a great job!

When he put on the hat and sunglasses, it was uncanny how Sammy Davis Jr. just seemed to come to life! CRAZY!

Sammy Davis Junior

Closing the night as Frank Sinatra...a crowd favorite

After the show I got to take in a few minutes of Marcus and J.C.'s group. It was fun to see them do their thing. Great job, guys!

Travis as Dean Martin

Travis as Sammy Davis Junior singing "Mr. Bojangles"

Travis as Frank Sinatra singing "New York, New York"

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