Monday, April 26, 2010

America's Most Awkward Photos...take 2

Now...this is all meant in good fun. Just to prove it, I've thrown some of my OWN awkward photos into the mix (while also dragging down a few friends!). I have my own captions for these...but feel free to comment and leave your own captions. :) Enjoy!

I like to call this one.... MA'AM, PLEASE STEP AWAY FROM THE BRONZER!

This is actually me in a show at Casa Manana in Ft Worth...I think I'm mad that someone tried to take my gold purse. Or at least that's how it appears... and although I'm playing a space alien, something about this screams Bea Arthur.

Sing Song 1992? Orrrrr.....J.C. Penny 1989?

Bless. He wants to disappear into the grey wall. But no, Bruce is back on his skates and ready for the rink.

A parrot and a semi-automatic weapon. A perfect gift for the perfect couple.

This one killed took me forever to see. The caption is..."Has anyone seen Aunt Sue?" Wait for it..... (hint...look at the mother's leg)

He took back the ring. An apple will do, thanks.

Maw-Maw's trip to the beauty parlor.

I like to call this one "Brother of Chucky"

We love Granny. It's her gas problem that's a real issue on our vacations.

2004 Chicken Queen and her royal court.

Family portrait turned carnival, (nice knitted booties, Grandma). I love the guy in the brown and green...he is NOT going to look away from that camera. No he's not.

Every bride's dream...a CAMO WEDDING! interestingly, only 3 guests could find the wedding party.

Ladies anddddddd gentlemennnnnn......the BACON BROTHERS!

Amazing. Chess King robbery solved.

For unto us...a dog is born. Merry Christmas, everyone.

Lanette turned 14...but she still sees dead people

Honey, I thought you said everyone was coming as lion tamers... (sorry Audra!)


judy thomas said...

Where on earth did these come from?
I think there are more of you that I could show. But I love you still. Mom

judy thomas said...

P. S. Thanks for not including me in these pictures.

Alyssa said...

I'm laughing out loud. We love to read your blog!

Beaner said...

Tears in my eyes from laughing! These are great!!!

emily said...

Whoa. I've never read your blog. & had I known treats like this were awaiting me... well, let's say I wouldn't have wasted all this time!!

I'm super scared of the sing song one. Tell me that's not an expensive 'name brand' shirt you're wearing. I wish your mom would make good on her threat to provide some more :)

Happy 40th!! I was just thinking literally moments ago that when I turn 40 my OLDEST child will be turning 4. This is also scary to me.

Lots of scary things happening. I hope all is well w/you & Shirl. If you're ever in CO...

Lindsey said...

Is the middle kid in the Bacon Brothers a young Zach Wilson?