Wednesday, April 07, 2010

I Love Live TV!

Live TV...sometimes you wonder if it really exists in this day of pre-recorded everything. Monday night the kids and I watched our buddy Beverley on Dancing With the Stars. Bev and I had fun texting during commercials. She kept us posted on when she was singing next. Each week the singers are introduced. The girls waited with baited breath to see Bev and she gave a little wave. Maddie was convinced she was waving to her. :) Great job, sounded great!

American Idol be insane. Big Mike had the lowest votes??? Really, America?? For...the...LOVE! My Idol Schmidol scores are completely ruined this week. I just don't get the voting this year. Thankfully the judges decided to keep Big Mike for another week.

For those of you who don't care about Idol...for the first time in years, I hear ya knockin'.

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annie said...

Agree with everything you posted about AI----I'm watching every week, but with bewilderment.

What fun to be watching DWTS & know one of the singers! The vocals on that show, along with the band, are so good.