Friday, February 19, 2010

Celebrity Summit Cast

Tomorrow we send off our Celebrity Summit cast. They are a very talented group. Lots of return performers for us. They are going to be such a hit out there.

Cheers to all of you... Jasmin, Jeremy, Jeff, Joseph, Lindsey, Charley, Patrick, Danielle, Amy, Kerri-Ann, Simon, Igor, Ariel, Brandi, Kate, and Erin... you've all had such a great chemistry on stage. Thank you for giving it 100%. Break a leg guys!!!

Here are some video clips for your viewing pleasure :) In case you aren't sure how to make it play...hit the arrow in the lower left hand corner of each screen. (sometimes it might say "This video is unavailable". If you'll refresh your page, it will come up. Not sure why it does that.)

Lindsey as "Thoroughly Modern Milly"

Typewriter scene from "Milly" (I always love this...and love Milly)

Jasmin sings "All That Jazz" from the musical CHICAGO. (I first heard Jasmine sing as the lead in AIDA at ACU and I knew right then I wanted to work with her. Fantastic on stage!)

dance scene from the musical CHICAGO

Lion King... "Circle of Life". Jeremy Hardy...incredible.

Lion King... "He Lives In You" Lindsey sounds great on this! The dancers are nailing it too.

Lion King... "Circle of Life" finale


The following video clips are from one of their other shows...just a few here

"The Main Event"

"Sir Duke" Jeremy Hardy

"Georgia" Jeremy Hardy...I remember when Jeremy auditioned a couple of years ago. He sang a little R&B and nailed it. He was hired in that track and then WHO KNEW he could also sing opera?? He brought the HOUSE DOWN singing Nessun Dorma. Great guy. Great voice. I'm biased here, but I think we have the best performers working for Gary Musick Productions. Solid people. I'm proud of all of them.

"Respect"--featuring Jasmin, Charley, Danielle, Kate and Brandi

Jasmin sings "Hero". Ariel and Brandi dance beautifully. They were recently married. Love watching them perform!

I had to leave early and didn't get a lot of video of Joseph and Jeff. They are awesome too. I wish them all the best as they fly to Puerto Rico tomorrow. They will make us proud! Peace and safe travels, friends!


judy thomas said...

Wow! they are good!

Ice This said...

Dude, how are you? Is Sheryl still making beautiful flowers? We bought a house around the corner from you guys, you need to stop by and eat come cake with us!! Hope all is well -Brooke