Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Jenny Ross Bizaillion

At 3:38pm today Jenny Bizaillion passed from this world. She was a beautiful sister, wife, mother and friend. My heart goes out to all of the Ross and Bizaillion family. These things we do not understand. We can only hope with a heart that sees beyond what we know on Earth. And one thing we know...precious to our Lord are the tears of his children.

I spoke with Josh just now and he and his family are on the road driving to Fort Worth. If you're reading, please pray for their safety. Father, surround and protect them. Be their abiding Comfort and Peace.


Tiffany said...

Praying for this entire family. My heart breaks for them. (I am apart of Luke N. church in Denton and read your blog regularly).

annie said...

My heart is with Josh, & all the Ross & Bizaillion families as they grieve th loss of their Jenny.....I can only imagine how hard is the journey today to TX. Thanks for your sweet post, Brandon.

Katherine said...

My heart absolutely breaks for them. Praying for comfort and peace that only our Father can provide.

Jonathan said...

Thank you for your words and prayers for my family!


Jonathan said...

Thanks for your words and prayers for my family!