Monday, February 08, 2010

Urgent Prayer Request

Blog family, many of you know that Josh Ross is one of my very closest friends in this world. His family means a lot to us. Josh has been a brother to me over the year and an extra son to my mom. Jonathan is a brother too and ironically ended up in Houston at Bammel Road where Chuck and Laura worship (Sheryl's family). They are all special to so many.

Josh and Jonathan's sister Jenny is very ill. She went into the hospital last Thursday with what seemed to be pneumonia. It turned septic and has been running through her entire body. Her kidneys are in failure as is her liver. They are trying as I write this to fix a gall bladder issue before giving her the much needed blood transfusion. Please pray for this delicate and dangerous procedure. If you want to keep up with them, click Josh's link over there and wait for updates. Or, check out a more blow by blow description here

We will continue to watch and pray. Praying tonight for supernatural healing and for strength for Jenny's husband David and their daughter Malaya.


Robin said...


Our family is praying for Jenny and her family. One of my best buds' father-in-law is an elder at Bammel and they emailed us about Jenny a couple of nights ago. Praying for a miracle is such a powerful testimony of God's sovereignty. No matter what happens, His name be praised!

annie said...

Jenny, Josh, & Jonathan are my second cousins. Their grandmom (Mary Jo Lawyer Ross) is a sister to my dad. Daddy's huge family--8 brothers & 3 sisters---used to have whole family reunions back when they were all alive, but as bros & sisters have died, it's been a struggle to get the ever-expanding families together. So, I haven't seen the Ross family in a long time. I hope to reverse that trend when Jenny is home, rested, & completely well! Praying hard for that whole family!