Monday, February 15, 2010

Prayers for Jenny Bizaillion

This is a picture of my buddy Josh Ross with his sister Jenny. As you've read here many times before, our history with the Ross's goes way back. We have been in constant prayer for Jenny, her husband David and their daughter Malaya. Jenny is having a very difficult time and needs our prayers today. The vascular surgeon has recommended amputation of both feet as soon as possible. Please pray for her. You can follow her updates here

Josh flew back to Memphis Saturday night to preach Sunday morning. He called and we got to talk for a while Saturday night. I was so glad to get a live report and hear how they are all doing. They are you can imagine. They are also overwhelmed by the amount of people praying for Jenny. I told him it was a direct reflection on the way his family has invested in others over the years.

If you're reading this today, please just stop for a moment and ask God to restore Jenny to good health.

IMPORTANT UPDATE: As of this afternoon the doctors have decided to postpone Jenny's surgery until tomorrow. This will give them time to discuss the necessity of the surgery. Please pray that God will heal her legs...and that Josh makes it safely back to Fort Worth today.


Katherine said...

I am and will continue to pray for Jenny and this sweet family. May the God who IS mighty to save work healing in her life and her feet.

Anonymous said...

Brandon. My name is John Ross. I'm Josh and Jenny's uncle. Thank you so much for blogging about our sweet Jenny. Your call for prayer is very much appreciated.