Sunday, June 07, 2009

NCL Majesty

I am waiting in the airport for my flight home after being on the NCL Majesty all week installing the new cast out there and getting the shows up and going.

The Majesty is NCL's smallest ship and has been sold so this is the final cast (the ship will officially close down in October). The stage is smaller and the theater is very different from other ships and what the performers are used to. This cast did a FANTASTIC job of adapting. They are going to blow people away out there.

Garris Wimmer and Kelly Evans and I were the production team this time and we really enjoyed working together! Everyone did a fantastic job! Here are some pictures and video of the week...

Blake Rowden, John-Michael Zuerlein, Andrew Loveridge and me. Blake and John-Michael are two of our singers. Andy is the Band Leader.

Lindsey and Francesca---two of our dancers in the cast finishing up on the Majesty

Matt Atwood and Matt Castano--two of our singers in the out going cast

One of the best treats of the week was that the cast of the Spirit came over to see us. (They were in port in Bermuda as well.) I was so glad to see old friends! Pictured here... Gemma, Kelly, Dani, Garris, Julio, Rusty and Kelly.

Kelly, Dani, Julio, Gemma and I catch up in the theater and hear stories about the Spirit.

One of the most beautiful beaches in Bermuda--Tabacco Bay

On the way to the beach we passed these church on this building began in the early 1800's but because of a church split and a later hurricane, it was never completed.

Here's the Majesty docked at St. George

This bag pipe player was standing on the front of this pirate ship playing the theme to "Titanic" (My Heart Will Go On). I thought it was really funny!

One night we walked over to St. Catherine's beach and built a fire and roasted hot dogs. It was so beautiful! Pictured here are Gary and Amanda Hipperson (two of our dancers) and Matt Atwood

Jasmin Richardson, Paige Salter and I...enjoying the bonfire. Paige and Jazz are two of our new singers on the Maj.

Carissa Bellando and I at the beach. Carissa is one of our new dancers on the Maj (she has worked for us several times before and is the dance captain for this cast)

Blake, Jasmin, Paige and John-Michael pose before one of the costume tech runs

Carissa, Topher, Amanda and Gary

Paige, Blake and Jasmin

Hairspray--costume run
Here are some video clips from one of the dress rehearsals. The old cast came and they were all so supportive!

We send our best wishes to the cast as they open their shows this week! Have a wonderful contract, guys! Meanwhile...I can't WAIT to be home to celebrate Sam's birthday and Maddie's lost tooth and all the things that mean so much.


Brent Whitworth said...

Aww. Lynda and I took our honeymoon cruise on the Majesty.

preacherman said...

I am glad you had a great time. Thanks for sharing with us all the pics and info. God bless you and your ministry. I know you are making a Kingdom difference in the lives of those you minister.

Susannah Mars Johnson said...

Hi Brandon,
This is a crazy request, but here goes.
We were on the Majesty last week to Bermuda, (we loved your shows, thank you!)
and we lost our camera...
The only way to contact NCL is in a very "corporate" way, I left our info and will be contacted in 10 days, one way or another.
BUT I wondered if you might have an e mail address for someone on the ship who I could contact directly to ask for help. OR you could give them my e mail and they could contact me...
I have been looking around online and can find no way to e mail anyone who is actually on board the ship.
You are the only contact I could come up with.
Everyone on board was very kind, and I feel that if I could just send a note to an actual person, as to what treasured photos are on that camera, maybe a little extra effort might go into finding it.
Thank you for responding to this request. If you have any other ideas, send them my way. We are heartbroken to have lost the camera that contains the photos of our family vacation on it.
Susannah Mars Johnson
Damascus OR