Monday, June 15, 2009

8 Songs Down

We had a good night in the studio again tonight. We got two more songs MOSTLY done. Later this week we are adding all the ZOE kids to one of the songs we've done. We're probably insane for even considering it, but it will be fun!

Here are a couple of samples...

Jesus Messiah

All Because of Jesus


Beaner said...

You're a performer, so you know the rule about working with kids and animals, but.....I think having the kids sing on one of the songs will be awesome! Can't wait to hear it - and to hear all of the stories from that recording session. ;)

annie said...

I love both songs, but "All Because of Jesus" will especially be one I'll look forward to singing at Zoe N'ville and/or Pepperdine. Thank you in advance for all the time & work you put into these CD's. They're always top-notch, & I love learning the new songs, while still going back to my old favorites from previous CD's.

Can't wait to hear the kiddos sing with y'all, either! I'll pray for you regarding that. :)