Thursday, June 11, 2009

CMA Fest with Reba / ZOE Recording

Today was the big CMA Fest opening. The booth looked great! Reba (who is new to Big Machine Records this year) came and signed autographs for the first time in 12 years. She had a huge number of fans show up. She was very nice and personable. Thanks again to Justin McIntosh for allowing me to partner with him on designing the booth.

Reba McIntire

She's seriously like Benjamin Button...she seems to just get younger!

In other news, ZOE began recording this week. We've been doing this now for 12 years. Sheesh! It's so fun being together again and we just seem to all fit together like a hand in a glove. We've gotten 4 songs recorded so far...

Kevin Penna, Peter Wilson and me

Amy Westerman and Karin Hensley

Here's a little taste of "No Other Name". This was our first hearing of what we'd's very raw and still has some parts missing, but is sounding good so far! David England completely cracked me up in this video clip.

Here's a little sample of a song called "Speak O Lord".


annie said...

Sounds great to me so far. Can't wait to get the finished product later.

Saw Reba in concert last fall---what a class act!

wstaple said...

Meg was SO EXCITED to see you yesterday! She texted me almost immediately. Thanks for being such a positive role model to her over the years!