Wednesday, June 17, 2009

10 Songs Done

Well...we're now 10 songs into our recording project and sufficiently exhausted. Last night was a bit rough. But, we recovered tonight and are back on track! We also celebrated Peter and Lindsey's baby...only a few weeks from being born. I like to call him "Foncho" Wilson. :)

"I Will Rise"

"Hallelujah, We Will Sing"


Beaner said...

I am THRILLED to hear 'I Will Rise' on your new CD - I love that song!!!!!

mundiejc said...

What's up with you and Foncho these days? Just the new catchall nickname?

Sheryl Thomas Florals said...

No..."Foncho" is a name that Sam made up and randomly calls his sisters. It is my new favorite name. It works in just about every endearing term...or a not-so-endearing as the case may be! In the case of Baby Foncho Wilson, it's extremely endearing!