Thursday, April 13, 2006

Happy Birthday to the lovely Sheryl Thomas today! What a great day!

Maddie and Ella both had their school Easter parties today so we had to split up. Ella's party was at the Ezell's house. Absolutely beautiful!Here are a couple of pics for you.


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Duane said...

Hey, Brandon!

I hope you and your beatiful family are all doing well. Your friends at Collegeside in Cookeville (including Sarah Davidson who has not stopped bragging on the Zoe Group ever since the Ladies Xmas event!) would like to say Hi! and encourage you today.

I was on the Zoe site, discovered your blog, and thought I would drop you a note. Sarah Johnson at the MTSU campus ministry (I think) has mentioned to you the 07 Gulfcoast Getaway in Panama City, Florida. I know it is the weekend right before the Fresno event. I understand that may be too close for comfort as you all have families and lives too. However, let me beg and implore a little extra! Randy Harris and Rick Atchely have agreed to tag-team the event for us this year as speakers. We are so excited to have them. The Zoe Group would really complete things for a wonderful conference weekend!

I would love to answer any quesions you may have. Man, I really wish you all would consider it. We all wish that it would work out one of these years. Sorry, we are like the persistant widow...probably driving you and E. N. Wilson crazy.

My email is
My cell is 931-510-6540
My blog site (not nearly as updated as yours!) is

Have a blessed day!
Duane Dixon
Campus Minister
Tennessee Tech U.

Stephen Bailey said...

Beautiful! Happy Birthday to Sheryl! We'll toast her tonight with a cool beverage!

Justin said...



It would be a wonderful change from the "doom doom da das" and beat boxing of Watershed.

Not dogging the guys in watershed, I would just rather have actual instruments if you're going to do them with your mouth.

Anonymous said...

Dear Brandon, Sheryl, and family,
Just a note to let you know how your audio cd of "My Redeemer Lives" blessed our sunrise service today and also our Sunday morning worship service at East Sunshine Church of Christ in Springfield. One of the men at our church spent a lot of time finding slides to go along with the song. Sheryl's singing was powerful. Ed and I, as well as many others, are blessed everytime we hear her wonderful voice. What a God-given talent!!!! We just wanted you to know that the blessings of your ZOE group just go on and on. Part of our hearts were with your service at Otter Creek this morning. God bless you in your work and ministry. Ed and Judy Miller "Nana and Papaw to the Miller and Meador kids at Otter Creek.

Arlene said...

Happy Easter! And Happy Belated Birthday to Sheryl~Hope to get to meet you sometime :) (Shawn's bday is tomorrow!)
What a great service we had today with Philip leading our worship! I didn't know he was from Otter Creek. We were blessed! Hope you all had a wonderful Easter also.
Just wanted to say a quick hi and wish you all well. Blessings, Arlene