Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Day 2...things I've learned.

1. Sleep. Sleep gooood. (1a) Sheryl. Sheryl's so amazing and understanding!

2. There's nothing like having both of our girls curled up in my lap.

3. Sam is changing and growing fast...too fast!

4. Starbucks charges for wireless internet, but Border's Bookstore across the street doesn't. Go figure.

5. One of the most hilarious e-mail forwards I've ever received has kept me laughing. It's called "Worst Album Covers Ever". I only wish I could figure out how to transfer a few of the pics out of Adobe to share with you. Just when I think I'm getting tech savvy, I realize I'm still an "idot".

6. Kelly Pickler. What mean...umm..she's just so...

7. Re-reading Anne Lamott's Traveling Mercies for the 3rd time thanks to Stephen's inspiration. Has anyone read her latest book, Blue Shoe?

8. Hand writing journal thoughts is quite a bit different than typing. It seems more personal somehow. I also feel that way about hand-written notes. I hope they never die.

9. My decision to take this week and not be scheduled at all, was a good one. The only things scheduled are journal time and my spin class. (I have now lost 34 pounds. I'm stopping there and trying to rebuild with muscle instead of what I got from eating Sonic cheese sticks and blended floats. Yummm--where's Sonic...?)

10. I love getting to see my family during the day. What a blessing!

PS: Blogging is theraputic. I'm not feeling any pressure. Some days I will and some days I won't. Thanks for reading and praying, friends! Oh...and congratulations are in order to ZOE's Peter Wilson and Lindsey Morgan on their engagement last week! Pete, you are one lucky dude!


"George" said...

Tell us briefly about the diet and the spin class--I could use the inspiration!

Matt Elliott said...

I've read "Blue Shoe," and while it's not a bad novel, I think Lamott's non-fiction is MUCH better than her fiction. That's my two cents.

Enjoy your time off. Go back and read Lamott's "Operating Instructions: A Journal of My Son's First Year." You'll squirt milk out of your nose.

Stephen Bailey said...

34 POUNDS! Man, I have not congratulated you enough! That is incrdible. Remember what I told you about riding my bike the other day? After 2 miles I ditched into someone's yard and thought I was having a heart attack! 34 POUNDS!

Anne Lamott quote for today and for all times for all people (that means you America): "You can safely assume that you've created God in your own image when it turns out that God hates all the same people you do."

Stephen Bailey said...

34 pounds is both incrdible and incr-e-dible.

Rick J said...

If you have access to Acrobat instead of just Acrobat Reader, you can use the "snapshot" tool to copy from your document. Not than you really want to worry about that right now. Savor...

Jon said...

Free wireless internet? You can find it right across the street from Greater Atlanta Christian School. At KRYSTAL!!!

Enjoy your Sabbath rest.

Justin said...

i was mad when i had to pay for wireless at starbucks once. Even more mad when theywere charging me monthly and i thought I signed up for one day of use.

Places with free wireless

Cafe coco
portland brew
panera bread
krystal (of all places)
jjs grocery

I'm watching idol now. kelly is gone. I'm sad. shes not the best singer,or the smartest person, but she's definitely the easiest to look at. that is a fact.

Phil said...

Whatever Justin. Kat McPhee is much easier on the eyes.

Brandon Scott said...

Phil: agreed.

George: half a peanut butter sandwich (no jelly) and an apple or some sort of fruit for lunch. Spin class 2-3 days a week at the Y. Hardly any eating after 7pm. Toast and yogurt for breakfast. It's working for me...really it's the combo of all of it and sheer will. Need some new pants though. Anyone want to loan me some?

Tracye Lynn said...

Hey B!
I have read Anne Lamott's "Blue shoe".. it was... well interesting. My best thought would be that it was not my favorite read, however, it did keep me turning the pages. Let me know if you want to borrow it some time.
Love and miss you bro:)

Malia said...

If I were you I'd take two weeks of "unscheduled"-ness! Of course the only draw back to that is you'll get too used it.

I'm so glad that you are taking this sabbatical! You will be better for it. I mean that in all sincerity, not tyring to be funny or sarcastic! As an OC-er I support you and this decision and I'm so happy that our elders and ministry staff are supportive of this, too.

And about A.I. - personally, I'm glad the "Carrie Underwood" wannabe is gone. I mean come on, show some originality already!

Amy Boone said...

I really get a kick out of Anne Lamott. Love Traveling Mercies and Operating Instructions is a riot, but Blue Shoe pushed the envelope too much for me. I almost didn't finish it.

Amy W said...

When are you coming to kickboxing with me! Spin is great, but there is NO workout like k'box!! You'll get addicted-- I promise! :)

Punching that bag is a great stress reliever, too! Weight loss AND therapy-- what a bonus!


MichaelPolutta said...

BST - the two things you're doing that REALLY made a difference for me. 1) Consistent exercise, and 2) NO LATE NIGHT SNACKING!!! Smaller portions are good, and eat many times during the day - but stay away from bedtime with the food!

Keep at it!

Lovell's Lookout said...

BST- This is hilarious. I don't quite trust the look on Cody Mathersons face....Go ahead.. Look at it..He's kind of got that, "I can throw a football a quarter of a mile look... a "babes just dig me because of by biceps kind of look..." It kind of creeps me out. I think he sat next to me in the third grade. I am glad to see he made it big....