Monday, May 24, 2010

Ella's First Grade Program

Tonight was Ella's First Grade program for Mrs. Stark's class. Mrs. Stark is one of a kind. We feel so incredibly blessed to have had her as a teacher this year!

The kids were supposed to dress as any kind of American professional. Ella chose a chef. :) I love that!

The boy in the middle is Body Gwin. His brother (Austin) is at ACU and in Gamma Sigs. After talking to his mom early in the year and discovering that, it made me feel completely ancient. Body is so awesome! The Gwins are one amazing family.

Brianna, Ella and Natalie

Ella got to sing with Mrs. Stark's husband to close out the show. She sings at the end of this clip...I was SO PROUD! Of course, Sheryl and I just cried. Thank you, Mrs. Stark!! We love you! Way to go, Ella!!!!!


annie said...

Wonder where she got that sweet, clear voice? :)

I loved my elementary music teacher, & when any school has a good music program/teacher, it's such an added blessing!

Brandon Scott Thomas said...

thank you!

The great thing is...Mrs. Stark isn't even her music teacher...she's her regular first grade teacher. The music program doesn't do sad. But they have the ocassional rare teacher who really takes the ball and runs with it. We have forever been spoiled by having Mrs. Stark this year. She is so amazing!

Kara Graves said...

that video is just precious, what a sweet moment!

annie said...

Well then, good for Mrs. Stark for having energy & a sense of fun to put on a program! I taught at a school one year where there was no music teacher, either. We teachers got together to provide Christmas & Spring programs that school year. Lots of work, but the kids loved doing it, & the parents helped any way they could.