Monday, May 17, 2010

Las Vegas Reunion

I haven't had a chance to post anything from my trip to Vegas with my friends. Things here have been so crazy. It was actually this weekend...while I was in Vegas...when the rain started and in a matter of two days dumped about 20 inches on Nashville.

I had such a blast with these guys. We re-lived our ACU roommate days and reminisced about our place on Westheimer. But, that lasted about 30 minutes. The rest of the time, we spent laughing about life and sharing about our families and jobs and faith. And...being stupid. It's so fun to be stupid with these guys. I'm pretty sure that we had a contest one night walking down the sidewalk to see who could get the most "legitimate" high fives. Stupid.

Chris Doggett, me, Stephen Bailey and Craig Fisher

You never know who you might run into on the street in Vegas. This was just priceless. This guy was taking a full KISS gear.

We ate at Bobby Flay's restaurant one night and it was seriously one of the best meals I have ever had. Incredible! Yeah...I took a picture of my food. I sure did.

Vegas--NYC hotel

This pawn shop is the setting for a popular reality show called "Pawn Star" which is, as I understand it, kind of like a ghetto version of Antique Road Show. :)

Craig loves that show. We came here to humor him.

I have several friends out in Vegas who are in shows. We got to see Tim Johnson perform. Tim has worked for Gary Musick many times and I've hired him for a couple of shows. He's a great guy and did a fantastic job!
I wanted to see my buddy Travis Cloer in "Jersey Boys". He plays Frankie and is AWESOME. If you go out there, go see it. We ran out of time this trip to see it, but next time!

It's funny that after 20 years, you can still pick right back up. It's like not skipping a beat. We've all been together over the years and shared family time, but this was our first time to be away with just the four of us. I'm so glad we did this! It was totally worth it!

In true Chris Doggett fashion, Dog explains our trek to the famous "Pawn Star" pawn shop. What a name. These video clips are but a wee taste of the fun we have when we're together.

There were so many moments I wish I had captured on video from our few days together. I was laughing so hard most of the weekend that I forgot to film anything! we had such a blast. Here's to being 40, boys. And here's to 20+ years of friendship!


Simpsongirl said...

Sounds like a great time, Brandon. I love getting to see my ACU friends from time to time. Funny how being around those people can take you back instantly. Incidentally, on an incredibly random note, you guys all have very white teeth. :-)

judy thomas said...

I love those guys! Thanks for getting around to posting about it.

Ed said...

Are you just 40?...jk