Sunday, May 23, 2010

Family Weekend

We have just had one of the best weekends ever! My cousin Mary and her husband Chris were here. What a joy! Chris and Mary are such amazing people. Our kids are pretty sure they hung the moon. Chris is British but now works for FC Dallas--the professional soccer team in Dallas. He had all the kids saying "mate" after every sentence. Mary and Chris both coach soccer. Mary coaches at Plano Senior High.

Family is a gift. We have always believed that. This weekend just proved how important these experiences are. We watched old videos of our family...and some hilarious ones from one of our many family vacations to New Braunfels. We spoke of our fathers (both have passed away) and the great memories we have. We reminisced about playing hide-and-go-seek at my parents house when we all were terrified of my father scaring the daylights out of us. So many wonderful memories together!

Our kids were crushed when the weekend finally came to an end. As we drove away from the airport, Sam exclaimed, "This is the saddest thing of my whole life!" Bless.

Mary and the girls

Chris and Sam pose as tea pots...a soccer game Chris taught them.

Mary and Sam

Brunch Saturday at my mom's

Sam and Chris

One of the many soccer games the kids coaxed Chris to play with them

Mary and mom

Sheryl and Mary

hanging out at my mom's

Saturday night we went out to Arrington Vineyards/ The kids are all sporting FC Dallas backpacks


Mary and Chris at Arrington

After church this morning (Fellowship was just incredible of my top 10 Sundays ever) my mom treated us to lunch at Mere Bulles and then we spent the afternoon handing out. The girls played beauty shop with Mary several times over the weekend...always turning out some interesting hair-do's. Nice pink unicorn, Chris.

Mary and Ella are teapots!

Mary and Chris sent this picture tonight from the airport...showing the "silly bands" the kids gave them. It was such a fun weekend but we are already missing them terribly!

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