Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Nashville Recording Chapter--Grammy Block Party

Here are some pics from the Grammy Block Party last night. The block party is an annual celebration for the members of NARAS (National Academy of Recording Arts and Sciences) NARAS members make up the Grammy Association and vote on the Grammys, etc. It's the Recording Academy's way of thanking their members each year. Always a fun night...and a little respite in all the chaos that has resulted from the flood. There are still hundreds and hundreds of people with no where to live. Frustration is beginning to you can imagine if you were having to live out of a shelter.

I was excited to see my buddy Jamie playing when I got there. Jamie is the front man for a group called Dailey & Vincent. They are unbelievable. Check them out

Jamie Dailey with "Dailey & Vincent"

Jason and Alisha were there too. Most of you guys know that Jason is VP at Provident and handles artists like Michael W. Smith, Mercy Me, Plumb, etc. Alisha is the publicist for Provident and so she was working hard last night. Jason and I just enjoyed catching up and EATING!

Steel Magnolias performed. I missed Darius Rucker but went home and watched American Idol where I saw Lee Dewyse. Same difference. :)


annie said...

I thought Lee & Crystal singing "Falling Slowly" last night was so good! Both duets were the best part of the night, imo.

Missed you at Pepperdine! Zoe did a great job, & the Lecture presentations were extra-good this year. It's hard to leave that place.......

annie said...

One more thing.....tell your Ella she did so good with her message in the video! :) You too, but she was darling! I'm sure you know Mike got your wife to blushing about Ella's "ragamuffin" look (I didn't think she looked that way, but I sure know about Daddys dressing their little ones when Mommy is absent). So funny!