Friday, March 12, 2010

Spring Program!

This week was Spring Program for Otter Creek Pre-School. Sam had two programs because he is in two different classes (one MWF and one T-TH). Sheryl and Sarah also led their class in their portion of the program. The theme was nursery rhymes and it was very cute.

Here are some pictures...

Sheryl with her 2's class.

The kids were actually supposed to be singing here. :)

Sheryl and Sarah's 2's class. (the boy on the right is Eli Sanderson...Murray Sanderson's son)

Evy Tate Williamson stole the show with her hip hop rendition of "Jack and Jill"

Evy Tate singin' "Oh yeeeaaahhhh"

Brax Belville is on the left. In the middle is Murray and Jaime Sanderson's beautiful daughter, Faith.

Sam's class with Miss Anna did a great job!

Charity Rubio...daughter of David and Becky. I would be absolutely fine with Sam growing up and marrying her. What a cutie! And...she is as sweet as she is cute.

Sam's on the back row

This is Sam's other class with Miss Amanda

The boy standing next to Sam is Jackson Hiett. Jackson's dad and I were roommates in 1997 back before we each got married. Jeremy's wife, Hailey, is also an old friend. Sheryl and I love them dearly. It was so fun to see Sam and Jackson up there together!

Jackson Hiett

The group
Here are some video of Sam's class and one of the group. Sam's class did a song from our children's record ("I Want to Shine") that we did with TJ McCloud. There are actually two different CDs and they are available on Amazon if you're interested...see the links to the right or click one this link. I absolutely love this song.

When I Grow Up

Rejoice in the Lord Always

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Murray Sanderson said...

I love these, thanks BST! How fun. Eli was doing his usual, "oh, a program, I think I'll just sit & stare a bit. Normally I smile & laugh & cut up, but now that people are watching, forget all of that."