Tuesday, March 02, 2010

Jenny Bizaillion's service

Please go to this site as soon as you see this (hopefully it will still be up). You'll need to click the first link entitled "Listen or watch sermons & lesson FREE now" which will open up another window. Go down to the second one entitled "In loving memory of Jenny Bizaillion". You can watch the service or download it to your itunes as a podcast. Here's the link.... http://www.rhchurch.org/pages/sermons-and-podcasts/

You'll be glad you did.

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Karen said...

I was able to make time early Saturday morning to watch. There are no words to describe the impact of that service. From all that I heard of Jenny, it is one she would be so pleased with, to have heard our God glorified as he was, and as Josh put it, made the "hero of the story." I'm not personally acquainted with any of the Ross/Bizaillion family members, but the testimony to Jenny's life and the testimony shared by her brothers in leading that celebration of her life will stay with me for a very long time... convicting me, challenging me, and calling me to a more authentic relationship with the hero of my story.