Wednesday, March 31, 2010

American Idol 2010

BOR-ING! Some of you do not care an ounce about American Idol...and truth is, on the grand scale of importance, it's in the negative numbers. However, as many of you know, it is a fascination of mine.

This season has been, by far, the WORST. You know it's bad when you long for the season of Fantasia. The singers are boring, pitchy, and mostly non-creative. The group numbers are now pre-recorded and over produced (but at least on pitch thanks to auto tune) not to mention HORRIBLY staged. Of course...this is all in my own opinion which is only that. The only singer I truly love is Crystal Bowersox. She rocks my face off.

The other saving grace for me is my guilty pleasure, Idol Schmidol. (Think fantasy football meets American Idol.) Schmidol was invented by a contemporary Christian singer friend of mine who is absolutely hilarious. (I'll keep his name private to protect the innocent!) Our league has several music biz people and the banter back and forth is just priceless. We have picks we have to make online each week before the Tuesday night performances and then bonus picks afterward but before the results show.

However, the best part of Idol Schmidol is the recap each week. Truly hilarious. We each have Schmidol screen names. Check out the website...anyone can read, but you must be a member to vote. It's completely worth it just to read. Laughter inducing...and very fun.

I predict that Idol is seeing their final days. With the introduction of Simon Cowell's show next year (X Factor), Idol will be history. X Factor is more like artist development...and a completely different approach than Idol. bottom three picks were the actual bottom three. My pick to get kicked off was Tim Urban. I lost points. Why, oh WHY, America???


Katey said...

What is so funny to me is that your children are still so invested in it. Sam asked me Sunday which my favorite guy and girl were on American Idol. When I told him I didn't watch it, he was so sad for me. He offered to catch me up on the season's happenings so that I could start this week knowing everything. Only your child...

Gerald Jacobs said...

American Idol in this season was really great!!! They had different genuine voices! Love to hear them singing..