Wednesday, March 03, 2010

Cabo Get-Away

Thanks to the generosity of our friends Bruce and Taylor Morgan and the gift of miles from other friends last year, we had an incredible vacation last week in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico. I met Sheryl in Dallas after Jenny's funeral and we flew out on Friday. The timing of this get-away could not have been better. Our hearts were still heavy for our friends and there were moments of tears over the weekend as we processed our disappointment with God not answering us in the way we'd hoped. (God is definitely big enough to handle my questions and frustrations.) But God made the Cabo sun beat down on us with healing power. We had an amazing time.

Bruce and Taylor are the parents of Lindsey Morgan Wilson (married to Peter who sings with us.) Bruce and Taylor have a place in Cabo at Pueblo Bonito Sunset Beach and welcomed us with open arms. I had the honor of performing Peter and Lindsey's marriage ceremony in a beautiful vineyard in Sonoma, CA a couple of years ago. They were also there with us along with Peter's parents, Peter and Gail. It was fun to be with all of them and to get to spend quality time together and get to know Baby Braden better. What a cutie!!

Let me just say, I LOVE my new camera. I had so much fun taking pictures...I was a total dork. Thanks for indulging are SOME of my favorites! :)

Sheryl and Bruce

Sheryl and me with Peter and Lindsey Wilson

This beach was right outside our back door...

Braden Wilson...a man among men.

This is a REAL picture...unbelievable beauty!

Peter and me

Peter C. Wilson and Peter F. Wilson entertaining Braden...he looks entertained doesn't he? :)

Peter, ok, ok, OK...your lens is better!

Peter, Lindsey and Braden Wilson

headed out for a dinner in Cabo

I love this picture of Lindsey and Braden!

This restaurant was so cool and perfect for moonlight dining!


Our waiter was so awesome...and made this very cool dessert coffee with a delicious kick!

Peter and Lindsey

Bruce Morgan

Sunday brunch. Unreal.

Sheryl and me with Gail and Peter Wilson, Bruce and Taylor Morgan and Peter and Lindsey

These were out our front door. Did I mention how much like paradise this was?

the pool...where we lived.

Bruce and Braden...a very proud grandfather. (and young.)

Lindsey and Taylor are amazing cooks. We had some of the best meals by their hands.

Taylor Morgan

The view off the back deck

more of the view
This picture was taken at sunset...completely unedited. The color here is God's doing.

We're back home now and so thankful for 4 days with friends and basking in the beauty of God's creation. Please continue to pray for The Bizaillion and Ross Families. They need our prayerful support. More info to come for financial donations to help David and Malaya.


Amanda Brooks said...

LOVE ME SOME CABO!!! I'm so glad you guys got to get away and enjoy!!

Kara Graves said...

Your pictures are amazing! I am glad you and Sheryl were able to get away for some relaxation time with friends. Those times are priceless!

Hope we get to hang out with you soon. . . :)

Dan Jocoy said...

sooooo fun and so refreshing - wow - I love all the people here - whew--- I am relaxed just be seeing the pics -

Pueblo Bonito Resorts said...

Beautiful photos! Looks like you had an amazing time, and you are quite the photographer too. Would love to have you include these photos on our Fan Photos Album on Facebook. Hope you're having an excellent week! :)

Pueblo Bonito Resorts