Monday, February 19, 2007

Last night we had our annual baby blessing at Otter Creek. I heard someone say, "WOW, this is one FERTILE church!" Well, the truth is, it's a growing place where lots of young families are finding a home and friends to assist them on the Journey. We also have friends who have struggled to have babies. Some of them were on stage last night after months of agony and desperate hope that they could get pregnant and then stay pregnant. Some are still in that battle.

It was a sweet, sweet night. It sounded like a circus of crying children! Here are some pictures from the event. There are a few bloggers you'll recognize here. Congratulations to all!

Scott, Amy, Luke, and Caroline Westerman. Amy has sung with ZOE since the beginning. Scott and Amy came to Otter Creek a little over a year ago and it's so fun to have them a part of our church family!

Shelly, Adrian, and Bennett Church. Shelly is Ryan Williamson's sister and has been like family to me for many, MANY years! Adrian and Shelly moved here in 2005 and we are so thankful!

L-R Scott and Amy Westerman and family, Sheryl and Phil Wilson and family

L-R Kristen (Cottier) Brown and family, Shelly and Adrian Church

I couldn't get everyone in...but here's most of them!


Zack said...

A baby blessing. Cool dude! I wish more churches would do that! Babies are such a blessing to the families that have them and a blessing to the church. With out them we would have no future. My sister and brother-in-law are having their first child (a girl) in May. She will be my first niece. We're all excited! God bless you Brandon! Peace be yours!

Kizer said...

Totally unrelated to your news post, but you have to know that GSP secured 6 years of victory in a row at ACU's Sing Song this past weekend. Check out the show at
You won't be disappointed.
Siggies and Juniors also won.

Brandon Scott said...

THANK YOU!!!!!!!!! AWESOME! I loved watching that. I was sad to miss Sing Song this year. GSP rocked! You guys sounded incredible! Way to go. It was 15 years ago this year when I directed and we won with Doctors and Surgeons. It seems hard to believe it's been that long ago! Those times are so fun. Enjoy! And...I loved seeing you guys sing the club songs on stage at the end. "We Believe" was written by one of my club brothers when we were there. So cool you guys are still singing it!