Monday, February 12, 2007

Last night for Life Group we met at the Sandella's new house to unpack boxes. Their new house is awesome and perfect for them.

After unpacking we converged back at our house to watch the Grammys. So many thoughts. I was remembering 1998 when I went and got to attend the after party. It was such a blast. SO many stories...and some definite BST moments (aka: finding myself in weirder than weird circumstances). I was there the year that Celine Dion sang the theme song from Titanic and hit her chest so hard that she about gave herself heart failure. It was also just after Bob Carlisle was nominated for "Butterfly Kisses". My friend I went with was his agent (as well as Third Day and Faith Hill and Tim McGraw). I wasn't listening when Jeff introduced me to Bob's wife (Mrs. Butterfly Kisses") and she and I chit-chatted for several minutes before I ridiculously said... "You got a last name, 'Bob's Wife'?" (awkward pause...) "Um...Carlisle." (walk away...just walk away.)

It was an amazing after-party. I even got a gift bag! I still have some of the stuff saved including a cool Coke bottle printed for the Grammys that year. I'll never forget being there and seeing everyone all decked out.

Last night I enjoyed Carrie Underwood...awesome! I thought John Legend was as incredible as always. Beyonce' smoked on her song from Dreamgirls. And Natalie Maines...well, what can I say? Natalie Maines cannot seem to keep her mouth shut. She could have accepted the award with class...but why should that be different? I thought it was in poor taste.


I got to go check out the new cast for Celebrity Cruise Line's ship The Summit. They have several shows to learn in just a few weeks. After just one week of rehearsal they were fantastic! Check out Gary Musick's website for more info... click here . It took me back. Mercy--that's a stressful time--trying to get the show up and ready.


Yesterday Otter Creek celebrated ONE YEAR in our new building. We've had around 250 people join OC in the last year and we've had over 200 guests each Sunday for a year. There are so many great things about this new space. I'm grateful that we didn't have to build. This was a much more economical and affordable option. Thank you, God, for opening the door!


Malia said...

My thoughts exactly about Natalie. I love me some Dixie Chicks, but when in public, she just needs to defer to Emily or Martie.

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