Sunday, February 06, 2005

This morning, the ZOE team and I are leading worship. A part of that team is Teresa Newsome. What a gift she has of expression! She signs, but really that doesn't describe what it is. It's as if she is taking the longings of our heart for the Lord and expressing it in ways we cannot. I am so glad she's joining us. Tim is also back off sabbatical. It will be a great morning!

I've been jamming out this morning since about 6:30 to Chris Tomlin's record, "Arriving". Love it! I recommend it.

Here's our order of worship for today:

Welcome & Intro New Members--Tim Woodroof
Family Prayer--David Rubio/David Netterville
Meet and greet

Praise and Worship--BST and ZOE
Reading--We Welcome Jesus! (special readers--Eve Clevenger, Philip Henry and Shapiro)
--At the Name of Jesus
--Shout Hallelujah
--A Wonderful Savior
Prayer--Jason McArthur
--Blessed Be Your Name
--Ancient Words

Teaching--Tim Woodroof
--You Are Holy
--Days of Elijah

Supper--Joe Haubenreich

Ministry Moment--Scott Owings
Special Video promo for Valentine's Banquet
Birthday Sunday--Bob Enkema
--You Are Holy (chorus)

I am thankful for all of you. Let's rejoice around the table this morning. We have so much to celebrate and thank God for. May the Lord bless you today!


That Girl said...

When we visited OC after the ZOE conference in Nashville, y'all did the birthday song. I just think that is a great way to show appreciation to your children!

k2 said...

i second the recommendation of "arriving." i had a wonderful time worshipping with him and CL at the "all things new" concert a couple of months ago. what an awesome worship leader, and author is chris tomlin.

hey, why don't you and ZOE come to L.A. (that's lower alabama)? that would be AWESOME if you could come and help out our praise team. not that our praise team needs help (well maybe a little help), but any encouragement would be great. maybe just a jam session. that would be alright with me. just to praise our Creator each and everyday is so great a blessing, and to sing praises that you have taught us is so cool.

thank you for your ministry!

Steven J Bruce said...

I love watching Teresa worship at the ZOE conferences!! We're gonna try having some signing next week with some of our young children...should be pretty cool to have them sign "I Stand in Awe". I'm sure it won't quite be like Teresa; but we're grooming a new generation of artistic worshippers!
About "Arriving"...that's the one CD I pop in on the way to church to get ready to worship! Nothing gets me warmed up for leading quite like 3 times through "Holy is the Lord". I also have the live version from the Passion conference. If I listen real close, I can hear BST belting it out :-)

Brandon Scott said...

Ha! I love it! Actually, #3 is my favorite--How Great is Our God--and then going into #4 with that rockin' beat. LOVE IT!