Friday, November 27, 2009


We had a great Thanksgiving! For many years we have spent holidays with Byron and Beth Williamson and their family...Ryan and Sarah and their kids and Shelly and Adrian and their kids. Our lives are interwoven and we are so thankful for our friendship. Our feast was more than was laughter, stories, and love.

My mom, Sheryl and Beth

Sam riding his bike on a very cold Thanksgiving Day.

Maddie and Jack Williamson

Evy and Ella...and Vinnie.

Maddie has been torturing herself for weeks over one of her front teeth that needed to come out over a month ago. It was literally dangling. I told her yesterday that the time was UP! Sydney Williamson, Maddie's best buddy, came over after our T-Giving festivities and cheered her on as she faced the reality that her tooth was coming out--one way or another. After about 30 minutes of high drama, I tied a string to it and it was out in 1 second. She was so proud to have it out. I snapped this picture below...and it's one of those moments captured in time. I LOVE IT! It tells its own story. Maddie looks completely traumatized. Everyone else is so excited for her--especially Sam. :)

Sam, Sydney, Maddie and Ella. YAY, MADDIE!!

Today Sheryl and I spent most of the day in the studio working for Eric Wyse. We were doing background vocals for several recordings for Christian Book Distributors. We recorded several Christmas songs today including a version of "Hark the Herald Angels", "Mary Did You Know" and the old Sandi Patti song "Merry Christmas With Love". I used to love that song. It was fun singing that one. These are the accompaniment tracks that people order and sing for each song we recorded 3 versions in 3 different keys. We'll finish sometime next week.

Tonight we were exhausted and stayed in and watched "Elf". It's OUR holiday classic. ) I'm so glad we have two more days off!

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