Saturday, November 14, 2009

He Chose the Nails

I was going through a box in our bedroom and found a live recording of an Easter concert we did for several nights at Otter Creek several years ago called "He Chose the Nails". It is based off the book by the same title by Max Lucado. I had forgotten how great everyone sounded...even though there was NO editing or cleaning up or tuning. As in any untouched live recording, there are some mistakes, but it was still so sweet! The band was incredible! David Woodard and Jason Patrick did a fantastic job of leading them. John Catchings blessed us with his world famous cello skills too which just made the concerts so much better.

The vocals really sounded sweet too. Part of it is because I am partial to all those people...but man, they all sounded great! It put the biggest smile on my face to revisit this.

I am including a widget here (sound clip) from the concert. This is my wife Sheryl singing "How Beautiful". It might be one of my favorite songs to hear her sing. Kills me! And then when the cello comes in and the choir behind her. I still get chills. Click on the underlined song title and it should play.

15 HCTN How Beautiful
15 HCTN How Beauti...
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If you'd like to hear more, I uploaded a bunch of the CD from the evening on Esnips where you can listen to all of it or even download it if you want. Be sure to listen to "Because of Love" too. "You Are My King" and "Made to Worship" are fun too. Tim Woodroof also did a great job narrating that night. The website for this folder online is

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Mike T. said...

love the clip Brandon! I love the cello riffs in there, it just adds so much emotion...not to mention the lovely job Sheryl always does!

Anonymous said...

Brandon, this is my favorite collaboration of ours. Hard to believe it was over 8 years ago.

One clip you didn't upload is a song we only performed the last evening. We did Shout to the Lord, without having rehearsed it, as someone was preparing to be baptized. It was an incredible performance, made only more so by the fact we didn't rehearse. I remember standing next to Matt (on bass) telling him the chords as we played. Then we ripped into a reprise of We WIll Worship as the baptism concluded. Magical night.


Brandon Scott Thomas said...

Actually, I did upload that one! You're right...that was so special. If you go to the link I put at the end of the post, it's on the second page of uploads in that folder.

Man--miss doing that stuff with you. Hopefully, we'll get to again in January!

annie said...

Loved listening to these clips. Sheryl's voice is amazing...

Alice said...

I remember this so well--you are right, there were so many good voices on the solos! I had the choir members write special phrases from the numbers and sign their names. The kids found them in their Easter eggs on Sunday--they were so impressed by the message, and of course by the musicians. The slips of paper are still in our Easter eggs every year when we open them up to fill them! "The thread of Scarlet" is my favorite. We miss you and the family!