Tuesday, November 24, 2009

American Music Awards

Lynnea Brown on the NCL Gem

Naples, Italy

Sunday night I cheered on one of our performers on the American Music Awards. Lynnea Brown danced with the hip hop artists and rocked it! GO LYNNEA!! Lynnea danced in our cast on the NCL Gem this year. I went to see the cast while they were in the Mediterranean last summer. Lynnea is pictured above (in front in the top picture and to the far right in the bottom picture). She is a great dancer and awesome on stage.

There were some other ok moments during the AMAs. Mostly it paled in comparison to the CMA Awards in my opinion. Adam Lambert was a complete wreck. Interesting career choice there, Adam. What the HECK? UGH.

We spent the weekend in Atlanta with ZOE. It was a great weekend at the North Atlanta Church. A member had given 1.5 million dollars to the church with strict instructions that it be dispersed to all the members of the church in vouchers so that they could go and give it away in acts of service through the community. Last weekend marked the end of that 40 day journey. We sang Saturday night and Sunday morning. There were lots of testimonies and incredible, INCREDIBLE stories of service. We stayed with Don and Susan McLaughlin. It was such a special time with them. We love them so much! Thanks to everyone there...Don, Susan, Melanie Chumley, Ken Snell and all the others who made last weekend so great.

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annie said...

Your comments about the AMA show was spot on. What fun to see one of your dancers on it! BTW, do you love "Glee"? I wait every week to see what they're gonna sing, & just love their arrangements!

Have visited the North Atlanta church a couple of times, & it is a dynamic congregation of God's people.