Thursday, August 20, 2009

Inside Out

I've been living in "Inside Out" world for months now. It's always fun to get to point where you begin to see fruits from your labor.

I am also living , eating, breathing, sleeping this event I am producing for Vanguard Health Systems, Each side will be represented by different views and hopefully it will be a productive day.

Just curious...while driving, is it wrong to be listening and jamming to "No Other Name" and then lay on the horn at someone and then going back to singing?

I had a defensive driver teacher in HS who was a pro at this....she would admonish us to "give a friendly tap of the horn to let them know you're there." Sometimes along the way that friendly part and the tapping intensified...but I always get cracked up in stressful traffic cause I hear her sweet little granny voice saying "Just a little tap of the horn..."

This was my Spiritual question. My other question is...WHERE have all the good drivers gone?

And...why do I now have several Eddie Rabbit songs going through my head?


Beaner said...

I often "forget" that I am a Christian when I get behind the wheel. Something happens to me when I see people driving like idiots & putting MY safety in jeopardy! I like to honk, throw my hands up in the air, & yell at people even though they can't hear me behind the glass. (And my word verification is "agree" - just thought that was funny!)

Daren said...

"on second thought" is my favorite Eddie Rabbit song buddy. Don't feel bad. I wouldn't necessarily publish it on a blog, but it's still ok to like the rabbit man.

Murray Sanderson said...

I'm right there with you. A lady in a big new bimmer almost pulled right out in front of me by BUMC. I'm like, lady, can you please open your eyes? Then "Open the eyes of my heart, Lord" comes to mind. But what are they teaching in driver training now? "take your chances and rely on others to be alert" ??? Man.

annie said...

And, people are texting while they drive! Can you even IMAGINE the PAIN you'd feel if you killed a whole family over something like THAT? I've encountered more & more people on the road doing just that & weaving way more than a drunk. It makes me LIVID!!!!

Terry Rush said...


Just a note to say I admire your work from a distance.

And....I get to go to ZOE this year!


Doug Young said...

I love a rainy night, I love a rainy night, I love to hear the thunder, watch the lightnin when it lights up the sky. You know it makes me feel good....