Thursday, August 06, 2009

Funny Old Pictures part 2

I found an old photo album with more crazy pictures. I've posted some funny old pics before. This is part two...

ACU SummerStage 1987...I was still in High School but did the summer shows at ACU that summer. I had such a great time. Some of the friends I made that summer are still dear friends today...22 years later. GRACIOUS!

SummerStage 1987...for those of you from the Austin area (and other TX markets), the guy in the crazy red coat is Allen Roberson. He is a brilliant actor, writer, arranger, etc. He has a show on PBS called "The Biscuit Brothers". It teaches kids through using music. Check it out. It's really awesome! Click here for a link to their website

ACU SummerStage 1987...ooooh so dramatic. I think I look like Maddie in this picture.

Reflections--Disney World 1992

backstage at Six Flags Over Texas 1993

As I mentioned to someone earlier today, part of the fun of getting old(er) is getting to laugh at yourself. Looking at some of these really took me back.

Sheryl has another wedding this weekend. There are new pictures posted on her blog from the one last weekend. Go to to check them out!

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WOW! I'm speechless. HA