Sunday, August 02, 2009

Center Hill Lake

This weekend after Sheryl finished another large wedding set up, we took off to Center Hill for an early anniversary treat. Mark and Holly Whaley invited us up along with Grant and Jill Batson. And even though we could only make it half of the was worth it. Thank you too all of Liza Musick's family for pinch hitting in thr child care dept. Even "Mr. Gary" stayed with them for a while on Saturday night and experienced bed time!My kids love Gary Musick more than Mickey Mouse. But--who doesn't?? Thank you to Dani as well for her help with kids. It was a crazy weekend and as it appears, everyone is in one place

It is such a beautiful drive over to Center Hill Lake. We were excited too about having some extra time with our friends.

This is a view from the Whaley's front deck

view off the front upper deck

Jill and Grant Baston

What's a Whaley, Batson, Thomas gathering without a little Mexican Train?! See how smug Grant looks? It's because he CHEATS! jk

Breakfast time, bring it on!

Jill and Sheryl--I think maybe once in life you might be blessed enough to meet your true counterpart. These two are seriously the same women. They sing and sound AWESOME together, all our kids are the same ages and all go to Granbury. It's truly a kindred friendship.

Grant and BST--sporting our Batson Guitars caps

Jolly Roger-Mark. All the fish loved Mark and wanted to eat him alive today. One mention of it was all it took to send Jill into sprint swimming back to the boat. Hilarious!

At first glance this looks so romantic---the hot couple....but then,,,wait,,,is she trying to strangle our poor Grant. Good luck with that-- JILLEEEEEE

BST and Sheryl

Our lake group (L:R
Mark and Holly Whaley, Sheryl and Brandon Thomas,

Grant played a little background music for us over the weekend. He's playing a Batson guitar--one that he made. It's really beautiful.

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