Saturday, August 08, 2009

Awesome Day!

Today has been such an awesome day. It began with a very sweet reunion. After college while living in the Dallas area I was blessed to become a part of the Nofsinger family. I adore them. Kirk and Vickie were such mentors to me and friends. Their kids-Jenny, Jonathan and Justin were so special to me. I cried and cried when I moved. In fact, I still remember the conversation with Kirk and Vickie in their living room as they promised that our friendship would endure any distance.

It's hard to believe that it's been 14 years. In that time, Jenny graduated from high school AND from ACU and is a successful business woman in Dallas. Jonathan and Justin are in college. I miss them all.

Here is a picture of the Nofsinger kids and me at my going away party 14 years ago...

And here's a picture of them today...14 years later with my own kids who are now the ages that they were when I moved from Texas. Absolutely surreal!

Our visit with them this morning was such a blast. The kids had so much fun with Jenny Jonathan and Justin. I just wish it could have lasted several days.

After the Nofsingers left, Grant Batson and two of his kids came over and he and I took Abby, Michaell, Maddie and Sam to the wacky east Nashville "Tomato Art Festival". It is completely odd and fun and totally east Nashville.

Sam and Michael. (they are two peas in a pod)

Some random woman serving fried green tomatos

It was about 1000 degrees outside today so Grant and I decided to leave the tomato madness and head back home. (Sheryl had a wedding today and Ella had a birthday party.) The kids were glad to get some air conditioning too.

Back at our house, Grant and I had a couple of hours just to visit. Our lives have been so blessed by their friendship. Since Jill is in Los Angeles we had Grant and the kids stay for dinner and had some great sushi. As I write, I am listening to one of his daughters (Abby) and our girls giggling (sleep over fun).

Thinking back over the day, I just feel so grateful for the beauty of friendship. My back was better too--overall a great day!

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