Monday, January 12, 2009

More London Photos

Here are a few more pictures from London thanks to Gary. There are some great shots in here!

Mindy McLemore our Cruise Ships' Project Manager

Steve Kummer, Bruce Stegmann and Jeff Lisenby...more Gary Musick team

I really was more impressed than I look here.

Nice jete, pink girl!

Our General Manager, Dave Patton, give instruction to the singers

a few pictures from the singers' auditions...

This guy...Nick...looked EXACTLY like one of the Jonas Brothers to me.

Joshua incredible voice! Keep your eyes on this guy's career.

The first day went long so we had to move downstairs to a smaller room. Can you tell I'm ready for the day to be over?

more dancers

After each group of 50 or so dancers we would confer with our notes and announce call-backs

Bruce Stegmann...teaching the masses. :)


courtney said...

I was just in London last month with my mom and sister. There is a restaurant near Trafalgar Square called Texas Embassy and it's a little piece of heaven in the UK!! It's owned by Texans and they serve Tex-Mex, chicken fried steak, and SWEET TEA!! Also, upstairs, they have flags hanging from a lot of Texas colleges--including ACU!!

You'll have to go check it out next time you're in London. There's only so much fish and chips you can eat!

Erica Foster said...

Looks like you have a really fun job!

LeeAnn said...

Bailey just left today for her semester in Oxford. We are going to see her in March..any tips Brandon?
Thanks for the info on Texas Embassy daughter will be missing her sweet tea!