Sunday, January 04, 2009

Happy Birthday, Dear Ella!

It's so hard to believe that our Ella is 6 years old today. She was our only child to come early and even two weeks early she weighed almost 10 pounds! She has always had grit. She's got a great sense of humor. She's nurturing and extremely compassionate to others. She is a true beauty in every way--inside and out.

When Ella said she wanted to have a ballerina birthday (she LOVES dancing but hasn't much training) we knew it fit her perfectly. Claire Williams who works at Gary Musick with me as a choreographer and who also used to dance with the Royal Ballet agreed to come and teach the girls a dance to "Sugar Plum Fairy". With her lovely English accent she made the perfect ballet teacher. We cannot say enough about Claire. Her grace is only matched by her kindness and we are so thankful she came. She completely made Ella's day. (For those of you Gary Musick performers reading out there--you'll love seeing how Claire's "baby bump" has changed. Baby Jack is growing!

Claire and the girls

Nonnie and the girls

Claire teaches the girls

Ella and her buddy, Emma

After the "Sugar Plum Fairy" she had them take turns dancing in the middle of the circle.

All the girls pose

It was Ella's idea to have the ballerina shoes on her ice cream cake


Another treat of the day was having baby Gracie as a guest! The girls loved looking at her.

Maddie perched herself over Ella as she opened gifts

Ella, Sydney Williamson and Maddie

Ella and aunt Kiki.

Claire patiently taught the girls

I love the giggles at the beginning here. The girls performed for us and then for the parents when they came to pick them up. So sweet!

Happy Birthday, dear are such a precious gift to Mommy and me. May God bless this new year in your life with health and joy.


Anonymous said...

So darling! What a happy day for Ella! Kisses!

Sarah said...

Oh, my stars! If I had a ballerina party with a REAL ballerina, baby bump or no, AND a baby at my 6th birthday -- I wouldn't have come out of the clouds the whole year!!! What an AWESOME party!! Precious memories for all of those girls. I can't wait to see what God does with all the spunk in your Ella... :-)

Stephen Bailey said...

Ella can't be 6. You've done the math wrong or something. Wow! What a cool party. Some of the most wonderful people I know were born in early January and that certainly includes Miss Ella. Happy Birthday!

preacherman said...

I hope she had a fantastic birthday. Brandon you, your family and ministry are always in my prayers. I hope and pray that 2009 is the best year for you and your family. Keep up the great blogging and always remember that God has wonderful plans for you and your family.