Sunday, January 11, 2009

Gary Musick Productions--London Auditions

On our audition days, we started early with an English breakfast of champions before heading to the studio.

We got to the studio each morning and found a long line of performers waiting for the doors to open. It was so cold! Some of them had been there over an hour. I felt sorry for them!

Although the lines continued inside, everyone was warmer...and happier!

Jennifer and Karen kept everything running smoothly.

Bruce taught the combination to almost 200 dancers that first day

I had a nice surprise on Friday. My old friend Ketsia came by to see me. Ketsia and I worked for Norwegian Cruise Line as performers together a LONG time ago. :) She lives in London now and is in the London show of "Lion King". It was fun seeing her again.

Here are some video clips from the 2 days of auditions... with dancers we're watching for technique, turns, jetes, etc. We found some good dancer potentials this week!

Bruce Stegmann (our head choreographer) is so great! Everyone always loves dancing for Bruce. Although he cracks the whip, they love him!

We started with large groups of 50-55 and had them dance in groups of 4 after learning the routine and narrowed it down from there announcing call-backs. We had a great turnout of dancers and singers.

I wish I had gotten more singers on my camera...we got all of the ones who were called back on the main video but here are a few samples...

It seemed fitting that someone in London did a song from Phantom.

We had several great guys

Natasha danced and also sang. She's very talented.

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Stephen Bailey said...

Uh-5-6-7-8! I pulled a hammy just watching those dancers. Thanks for posting that. Very cool to see and hear what people are auditioning with. Glad your home safely.