Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Finally! Something That Makes Sense!

I read this article today after a friend from Highland posted it on Facebook. As I read it, I felt my heart just about to burst with excitement. This right here is gospel. There was a lot of fighting over whether or not to eat a chicken sandwich a few months ago. It was polarizing. Finally....something that seemed so impossible begins to find the Light. I love Dan for this...and I appreciate Shane for opening his heart to Dan. We have a lot to learn from these men. What if churches responded more like this?
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I pray that God will break down walls and that the Spirit would fill us up with His perspective as we all try hard to love each other. Be encouraged, blog family!

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Linda said...

Today is the first time I have looked at your blog. It won't be the last. I found you through Preacher Mike. I have more than one extended family member who is gay. It is such a heavy load on my heart and I struggle so with how to respond, how to feel, what would God's response be. Of course, the wider "Christian" community's response just has not resonated with my heart. I want them to know Jesus first more than I want to address their lifestyle. This article and your comments made me weep. At last, I see something that seems to be more the heart of God Thank you!