Monday, November 19, 2012

Prayers for Sue Farr

As a follow up to the picture I posted last week of my 6th birthday party, I am asking for prayers for a very dear family friend. Sue Farr is, at this moment, in surgery to remove a tumor from her colon. She helped raise me and the kids on the left in the picture above were like my siblings growing up. Kirk Lomax, Leigh-Anne Lomax Campbell, and Kim Lomax Rhooms have been a part of my life as long as I can remember. Kim (in the pink) is the lone female in the birthday picture below. :) Also pictured here is Paula Agnew D'Spain...another non-blood sibling.

Today in the waiting room at Hendrick's Hospital we had a holy moment of reunion. Not the kind of circumstance you want, but holy nonetheless. Please pray for Sue and Larry and their whole family.

**UPDATE from Leigh Anne at 6pm...
Mom is out of surgery and did well. The surgeon took, biopsied, and removed all he could see and anticipate! Apparently the tumor was adhered to an ovary so that's gone as well as a chunk from her liver! Path reports won't be in for about 5 days but doc is hopefully optimistic! We are ever thankful for an almighty God....and many prayers! Thank you all!!

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