Friday, April 29, 2011

Mom's ACU Golden Anniversary

Earlier in the month I had the honor of escorting my mother to her 50th anniversary at ACU. They had a great turn out and it was fun for her to see a lot of her classmates from the 60's. One of my favorite parts was the evening banquet when they showed an old film of ACU back from 1958. It was incredible to see the way the campus and the students looked back then. I have seen many pictures from my parents' scrapbooks and heard lots of stories so it was really cool to see it on film. I even saw Doug Smith (a good friend of ours and one of the co-founders of the ZOE ministry).

Here are some pictures from Mom's big adventure...

In case you didn't mom's maiden name was Brandon! Nice glasses, Mom!

Mom and our sweet friend, Barbie Bates

The new Hunter Alumni Center is really beautiful!

You guys know Stephen Bailey--long time friend, roommate, best man, etc. His father is the ACU Alumnus of the Year and they had a really awesome display in the Alumni Center. Way to go, Dr. John!

Mom posing with some friends after the morning devotional...which was awesome, by the way. All those 70 somethings could really sing! And they worshiped! Very sweet moment. The woman on the right is the mother of Deann, Missy and Craig Comolli. (Missy and Sheryl were roommates for a while at ACU).

Mom with Bob Hunter. What would a trip to Abilene be like without a picture with Bob? You can also see a nice photo of Bob and Shirley in the upper right hand corner of this picture.

My good buddy Kyle Dickson dropped by to say hi. Great seeing you, Kyle!

We had a very nice visit with Ronnie and Darla Lorenz (some of our very best friends for many years). Craig Fisher also stopped by (and took this photo). Thanks Fish! As we were sitting in the lobby visiting Craig's name scrolled across the news feed on FOX News. We cheered. :) Craig is taking on a new role at ACU as Alumni Director.

Mom's original class had 300 something. Over half of them are no longer living. There was a beautiful tribute at the evening banquet. There was a great turn out...this group is looking good!

Here they are doing the "WC" (stands for Wildcats...ACU's mascot)

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