Monday, April 25, 2011

Easter 2011

I want to publicly thank all my friends who have contributed to this recent series on my blog. It has been so fun for me to hear their thoughts and introduce you to them. God has blessed me with all of them and the influence they have on my life and my family. THANK YOU, friends! I love you all very much!

We had an incredible Easter weekend! I hope you did too. It began with Sam's Kindergarten class Easter egg hunt at his buddy, Jackon Beaman's house. You might recall my blog postings on Jackson's last two birthday parties (super hero and dinosaur). The Beaman's never throw a small party...they do it up right. This one was unbelievable. They transformed their back yard into the board game Candyland.

Sam got to the Beaman's and he was SO excited!

entrance to their back yard. They ordered different colored shirts for all the kids and turned them into the Candyland game pieces.

The guy in the bunny outfit is the mascot for Auburn University. He was incredible!

Yep---you're not imagining's a chocolate fountain.

Sam, left. Jackson Beaman, right.

The kids with Miss Melissa

Eggs galore.

This is Ashley...Sam' friend. (he LOVES her)

Sam and Ashley


Next was Nicole Shaub's wedding rehearsal and wedding ceremony. The Shaubs are dear friends here in Nashville. (I lived with them briefly before Sheryl and I were married.) We were so excited to be a part of that ceremony and thrilled to see old friends.

Sheryl and I were excited to see our friends Lea Brown and Trina Gehl visiting from Texas.

Nicole, Sheryl and me

The wedding was beautiful and Charles and Nicole are off to a great start on a wonderful life together! Congratulations, friends!

Sunday morning, Sheryl and I sang at Otter Creek. It was a joy-filled day. The choir and praise team led worship together and we led the full version of "The Hallelujah Chorus". It was awesome!

Jason and Alisha McArthur were there with baby Maddox who made his debut! He is perfect!
After church we celebrated at my mom's with Gail and Chris and their family and Kevin and Kiki and their family. It was so much fun! Kevin and I showed up to sing Sunday morning realizing that we unintentionally matched. Awkward. It was hilarious. We all had a blast together and loved watching the kids hunt eggs. Thanks to my mom for a delicious Easter lunch!

Easter baskets!

Egg hunt!

Gracie looked so beautiful


Ella was in full bunny mode

the kids with Aunt Kiki

Sam had a blast hunting eggs

Sam and I matched on purpose...Kevin and I didn't.

Kevin, Liam, Gracie and Kim (Kiki) Penna

Gail, Canaan, Chris and Sierra Gonzalez

My sweet family...looking into the sun doesn't make for the best family photo :)

Happy Easter, everyone! I'm thankful for each of you. Have a great week!

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