Wednesday, April 13, 2011

"He Paints the Skies!" by Rolando Diaz

Today I am thrilled to introduce you to the amazing talents and heart of my friend Rolando Diaz. Ro loves Jesus with all his heart...and just happens to be a very successful artist. His life and journey have been a testimony to so many. He is a great friend, an artistic genius and generous beyond his means. I love this guy. I know you will too. Thank you, Ro! You're an inspiration!
Because of my family’s personal experience with a Communist Regime at an early age and loosing the material things we had (see link below to PBS special about my life called “Recapturing Cuba”) my eyes opened fast as to the injustices in the world. Through that experience I saw that many will have to go through life with little to live on. So, because of the gifts HE provides, I want to be an “enbetween” source through my gifts to help others.

Love is about trying to meet the needs of those around us. Lately MORE THAN EVER I have become so aware of the Camelot existence that we live in within our country, even with our imperfect government and problems, whether we fully understand it or not, many cannot comprehend our existence due to theirs. It is time for us to understand that we are all a part of a bigger picture. It doesn't matter where you are from, where you started, where you ended up or will...we have got to come together as humans to help and allow others to help us. It’s not about how many marbles I gather but about how many marbles I gave away so others could play. We have approximately 70 years...that's it...and what will I do with them? I love the opportunities and freedoms we constantly enjoy. The fact that we can create new and better things than most...all of that is great as we expand our creativity and abilities as a nation. The question is, what do I do with all the money God blesses me with? I can rise to do so much more for the entire world and, in doing so, show the love of the one and only Christ!

Rolando Diaz is a Cuban/American fine artist who has been able to understand the “enbetween” role he plays through his art, in raising awareness and money for important organizations and people in need. He is the Dallas International Film Festival's "Artist in Residence" for 2011. He was the subject of a documentary on PBS entitled “Recapturing Cuba”. Diaz has performed live with famous musicians nationally/internationally, many of whom are collectors of his art. Some of them include: Jose Feliciano, Jewel, Manhattan Transfer, Jesse Cook, Amy Grant, George Winston, John Cash Carter, Gatlin Brothers, and Mathew West. “Ro” has painted live at venues including The Waldorf Astoria in NYC, Paramount Studios in Los Angeles, Bass Hall in Fort Worth, One World Theater--Austin, Puerto Rico, Gold and Blue Diamond South Beach and The Plaza at The American Airlines Center, Dallas. For more information on Ro, visit his website:

Rolando with Amy Grant after one of their performances...with one of Ro's paintings that Amy bought.

Here's a clip of Ro in action ...

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