Sunday, March 06, 2011

ZOE and Mike Cope at Woodmont Hills

This morning the ZOEs and I led worship at Woodmont Hills in Nashville. Our long time ministry partner, Mike Cope, preached. He and Landon (Saunders) were in town doing a retreat for Woodmont. It was great to see Landon too. I still remember as a little kid going up to him after church on Sundays and saying "Landon-Brandon-Landon-Brandon". He is a great, great man of God. So it seems fitting that Mike would be working with him now in the Heartbeat Ministry. Mike is part brother, part father, part confidant, part mentor...he means a lot to Sheryl and me. He married us. He has been a shepherd to us. We love him! I can't imagine two greater combos than to sing with ZOE (IN TOWN!!) and get to also be with Mike. What a fun morning!

So many sweet things happened today--they'd be way too hard to describe in detail but one thing I'll never forget was during communion (they did family communion where they had stations around the room and families and friends went together to the stations to serve each other). Sheryl sang "Redeemer" and then we started into "Worthy is the Lamb" and up walked Eric Noah Wilson (who was for many years ZOE's Executive Director). Eric walked up on stage with communion trays and began to serve us. We all lost it. I mean like ugly-cry-lost-it. What a gift! Thank you, Eric!

I love my ZOE family. I can't imagine what my life would have been like without these best of friends. We've been together for 15 years. Hopefully....we'll have at least 15 more!

Melissa, Sheryl, Amy and Karin--the ZOE Girls!

(L-R) ZOE: Philip Organ, Kevin Penna, Amy Westerman, Karin Hensley, BST, Sheryl Thomas, Mike Cope, Melissa Kirby, David England, and Jason McArthur. If we could have had Peter and Lindsey Wilson, Randy Gill and Zach Wilson with us it would have been perfect!

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