Sunday, March 06, 2011

I was the scenic producer for the Brentwood Star Gala yesterday (as I blogged about a few days ago). Sheryl went with me and we had a great night! The theme was "An Evening at the Acropolis". I worked hard all day with the Gary Musick scenic crew to set up and make it all look just right. The guys did a great job!

Here are some pictures from the event--

Sheryl and I pose with our buddies, John and Melissa Lowry

I used our torchieres--fake flames. They looked so cool!

One of our artists painted the Gala logo onto the header "An Evening at the Acropolis"

Sheryl looks amazing!

It was a great night and it all looked really pretty. Thanks to all the Gary Musick Productions scenic crew and others for your hard work!

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Holly H. Whaley said...

I love what you did with the room. It looks very elegant. Great Look.