Friday, March 11, 2011

New Blog Links

Hi friends! I wanted to draw your attention to several new-ish links on my blog. I have listed these over on the right hand side under my favorite links.

I know many of you have enjoyed connecting to Jeff Schulte's blog. Jeff was the founding pastor of Fellowship Bible Church here in Nashville and now lives in Alaska working with Chip Dodd. (I'm a big Chip Dodd fan!) Jeff has been a great friend to me this year. I love that guy's spirit. Jeff Schulte--"Where Am I?"

David Lewis is another friend whose blog will be a big source of encouragement. I wrote about him a week or so ago. Dear friend, second father. Love him. David Lewis--Manna Man

This week I have added 3 new links...

Nika Maples--Nika and I have been friends since college days. The only word for Nika is extraordinary. She is a through health crises that doctors said would kill her. She is hilarious. She is one of Sheryl's and my all time favorite people. She was named teacher of the year in the huge state of Texas...teacher of the year. That tells you something. Read her blog and you'll see what I mean. Nika Maples-- "Twelve Clean Pages"

Kurt Willems-- Kurt describes himself as a Mennonite Brethren church planting pastor, Seminarian, Blogger-Writer, Amateur Activist, Green Shopper, Dog Lover, and Husband. He is a new friend and dedicated follower of Jesus. Love his style. We're also encouraging each other through some Lent experiences. Kurt Willems-The Pangea Blog

Rachel Held Evans-- Rachel is an author, speaker and blogger. She is awesome! You'll love her stuff. Check her out... Rachel Held Evans


Kurt W said...

Thanks for your friendship and mention on this post. I will look forward to your guest post here in the next few weeks on my site!

Linda said...

I go to church with Nika and have known her for many say she is remarkable is an understatement. The kids in her classroom are certainly blessed!!! Her writing ability shows her creativity and her love of those students. Thanks for the link to her blog.