Tuesday, December 21, 2010


Last weekend we had a snowy surprise which included lots of cars getting stuck on our hill and the kids' being out for 2 days of school. It was a lot of fun! I hope we have a very snowy winter. I'm not much of a winter weather lover...in fact, I'll choose a beach over freezing weather any day of the week. However, I feel like, if it HAS to be cold...it might as well be interesting!

Maddie sledding in our back yard

at the front of our subdivision...cars already getting into trouble on our icy hill

our kids are sledding while cars begin to get stuck. Brilliant move, huh? Um... HEY, KIDS....come back this way, PLEASE!

now sledding in our front lawn

a view from the toasty inside. (the peace platter on the piano is one of our all-time favorite platter...created by Emily Trice Macht..her link is over to the right of my page)

view from the den out onto a snowy lawn

By that night the roads really did become dangerous. Sheryl and I went out to try to help push some cars around but it was so cold and we were afraid that we would get crunched so we wished them well and retreated home. I love the snow--even with its complications. Bring on the snow!

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Sarah said...

Last winter Abilene got a LOT of snow for Abilene. I loved it. I'm with you -- not a fan of the cold, but if it's going to be cold, make it fun! And it was awesome. Messy, but awesome.

Made me thankful to live in a place that shuts down for snow, though. I would get really weary of driving in it and trying to work around it, I'm sure.