Saturday, December 25, 2010

Opryland Hotel

As a Christmas gift to us, my mom took us to Opryland Hotel for a few days including the Radio City Rockettes' Christmas show. We had a BLAST! We ate amazing food, saw incredible lights and loved the Rockettes. Most of you will remember that only 9 months ago, Opryland was completely under water...millions of dollars in damage. However, just a few weeks ago they had a grand re-opening. They are alive and well and it's more beautiful than ever!

Here are some pics...

the Delta section of Opryland Hotel

Delta Section

we rode the boat all through the Delta

Christmas in the Delta

Nonnie and Ella shopping


Magnolia section of Opryland Hotel


Nonnie and the girls

Cascades section of Opryland Hotel...amazing at night

Delta section at night
boat in the Delta. Riding the boat was one of our kids' favorite parts!

lobby of Cascades section
We went to the really cool "ICE" feature at Opryland. It was freeeeeeeeezing! They give you these big parka coats to wear but it's still ridiculously cold...around 9 degrees.

The whole feature was based on the movie "Santa Claus Is Coming To Town"

that's my mom buried down in there peeking out with Sheryl and Maddie nexxt to her

the kids

this section was super cool---the whole left and right side of the room was a giant ice slide that the kids went on...and we did too, of course!

Ella, Maddie and me

Ice nativity

At the end of the exhibit there was hot chocolate and cotton candy!

Poinsettia tree in the Delta

My mom took us to Old Hickory Steakhouse in the Delta on our last night. It was amazing!

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