Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Christmas Festivities

As many of you, we have had a flurry of holiday activity over the last couple of weeks. One thing I love about Christmas is the fun of getting together with friends. I remember growing up we would get together with the Phillips family and Rogers family every Christmas. Then we'd have our traditional Lorenz/Thomas Christmas parties. So many great memories with great friends!

Then there were those few years after my dad died that it seemed the joy of Christmas might never return. But it did! Sheryl came into my life. Kids came along. Santa was popular in our house once more. And now we have sweet memories of my dad with us as we celebrate together. If you're in a hard spot this year...hang on. I've been there before. It gets better, I promise!

Here are some pics from the last week of festivities.

Sheryl did several Christmas flower arrangements for parties this year. Here's an example.

another of Sheryl's awesome creations

Christmas exchange with the cousins!

The Gary Musick Productions Christmas party (pictured here are Gary, Keith Brogdon and me)

Sheryl and I love Gary's daughters. The Musick girls are all special to us!

As we were shopping last Saturday, we found Santa and his stable full of live reindeer!

Maddie drinking hot chocolate with the reindeer

Our good friend, Holly Whaley, turned 50. She rented out Cabana and we had the best birthday party ever!

Last Sunday night we went to a Christmas praise service at Otter Creek. My buddy TJ McCloud led with Eve Clevenger. We love TJ and Eve and wanted to go support them
Afterwards, Taft Brown led the kids in a very fun singing and dancing time

Gracie rockin' out

Kevin and I are attempting to grow Christmas beards!

Ella, Gracie and Sam rockin' out

Baby Liam

Last night we enjoyed our Christmas celebration with the Berrys. Jeff and Anna are some of our very best friends. Jeff and I have known each other for over 35 years. This pic is of Ellis and Anna

Jeff and Anna, Sheryl and me

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