Sunday, January 10, 2010

A Snowy Day

It has been a beautiful snowy weekend in Nashville. We don't see much snow here...and ironically, not nearly as much as we had in Texas.

While we were at the Batson's house Friday night I saw some pictures that Jill had taken of snow flakes on her black car. It was so inspired me. So yesterday I decided to experiment. I took some pics of snow on my car too.

As I was looking at them I noticed the amazing detail in God's creation so I zoomed in on a couple. What I saw blew my mind!

This is a REAL picture (enlarged) of a snow flake that had just fallen on my hood...before it had a chance to melt. Check out the artistry of God! INCREDIBLE! There is no photo shop trickery here. This exactly what it looked like when I zoomed in with my camera.

Here's another. Beautiful! My dad, who was an artist, loved cutting very intricate snow flakes. My mom and I have a few framed. He would have loved seeing these.

The kids had quite a day of sledding (even Cisco wanted in on the fun)

Bear had fun too!

Cisco has grown so much in two weeks. We're pretty sure he's going to be giant.

My girls

Maddie and Ella

Later in the afternoon yesterday we went over to the Batson's house. There is a HUGE steep street at the back of their neighborhood that is about 4-5 blocks long. It was such a great sledding hill. Pictured above are the Batson and Thomas kids ready to hit it.

Here we go!

Jill had a couple of sleds from her childhood that were so awesome...very, VERY fast!

Sam and Michael had fun too. Sam started off slow but he ended up becoming quite a dare devil!

Maddie gets going...and then Jill comes flying by.


annie said...

I LOVE snowflakes! They're so sparkly, pure white, & each one being different is so very cool! You did a great job with your camera. Also love the sledding pics. There's nothing like a 'big' snow to bring out the kid in all of us. :)

Katherine said...

Absolutely amazing & breathtaking!! God is really an amazing artist!! :) Love the pics & I love snow!!

It always reminds me of the beautiful portrayal in the Bible that are sins are washed whiter than snow. Awesome!!